4th Rumi Poetry Circle

On Wednesday, October 30, 2019, Rumi Forum held the fourth monthly Rumi Poetry Circle. Rumi’s messages speak to the hearts of everyone. It bears a vision of what our inner and also outer world could be with the articulation of the means which brings that vision into fullness. Participants had a memorable opportunity to explore ecstatic poems of the 13th c. scholar & mystic and exchanged latent qualities and wisdom within his poems.  

The general outline of the Circle included heart-focused breathing, call into love and acceptance with Rumi’s well-known declaration “Come, come, whoever you are”, the introduction and exploration of two poems by Rumi. Each poem was read or recited by two different members. The group paired off, each person in the pair/diad read the poem and explored what the poem brought forth in them spiritually, in a heartfelt sense. Questions were provided to help guide exploration. They are meant to help us explore Rumi’s poems from the “heart”, not the analytical head. Later on, each pair shared their discoveries with the group at large. 

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  • 4th Rumi Poetry Circle
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